The business-people who recognise the special nature of Eastbourne’s consumers ensuring that Eastbourne businesses meet their needs most effectively.

Tom Serpell 


In retirement after a 40-year career in industrial marketing and consultancy, I have become involved in a number of community activities through which to use my experience. All of these to some extent involve inclusivity, for people marginalised by circumstances beyond their control, whom society can and should treat with equal respect.

Ellie Abel


Ellie helped our champaign as part of her University degree and proved to be an asset. We are delighted to have her on board, providing a more modern and current insight to today’s modern society and consumer needs. Ellie has become passionate about our cause and the needs of Eastbourne’s community, working hard to help grow our presence.  



Gaynor became acutely aware of the inequalities faced by people with disabilities, when working as a community occupational therapist, making homes and workplaces more accessible and liveable. Eastbourne is generally a really great place to live and enjoy our favourite activities, but we must be more mindful of ALL people’s needs. To her Inclusive Eastbourne  represents a brilliant idea – all cities should have one! We can help raise people’s consciousness of the little changes we can make to our businesses and community facilities to become fully welcoming to all. In particular she became conscious of the ‘twilight zone’ when people began to lose their independence, needing help from another person, for example in the toilet.



Steve’s particular interest lies in making the town more inclusive to meet the needs of people with a disability (recognising the breadth and depth that the term ‘disability’ has in today’s society). By providing tailored activities and services for those with disabilities, we provide a much-need voice and opportunities to enhance wellbeing.



Edward’s hope is that by reaching out to as many local businesses as we can we are able to convince them of the benefits of adopting an “inclusive” approach: one that recognises and addresses the needs of everyone in our community local.



Having worked in the service industry for a number of decades Mat has always maintained a key value and recognised the importance in inclusivity for both his internal and external customers.  Fundamentally he embraces considering every person as an individual and looks forward to supporting the projects which promote and champion inclusivity for the communities in Eastbourne.