Anyone interested in Inclusive Eastbourne is welcome to express that interest in any of a number of ways:

Subscribing:  means committing your business to Inclusive Design. We ask you to become a Member of Inclusive Eastbourne and sign a Commitment to research consumer needs and implement  a programme to meet these.

To request information about what this means and how to Subscribe  Enquire now.

Code of Practice for Subscribers – To be filled out.

See an illustration of how the Code of Practice  – (PDF)


Becoming a Member: means that you or your company can become a supporter and shareholder. Just send a £50 (or more) donation and you will be listed as a Member on this website and earn the right to receive updates on the campaign, attend the AGM and elect directors, whilst providing us with useful funds.

We are only too glad of support in the formof sponsorship or donations. Why should someone sponsor us? Well, it could be that they share our vision of an inclusive Eastbourne. It could bethat they want to help promote Inclusive Design. It could be that they have services to offer our Subscribers and see sponsorship as a way of connecting with them. Whatever the motivation, supporting this campaign can onlyreflect well on a business’s image. Donors can also contribute to our Research fund on PeopleFund.It. Contributions of £100 will be rewarded by access to one sector report; £200 to 2 sector reports; and £500 to the full report. £1000 will purchase the full report plus mentored analysis and strategy advice on adoption of Inclusive Design. Donors with a longer-term horizon may care to sponsor a post or project.

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