Inclusive Eastbourne is a campaign to encourage local businesses to adopt the principles of Inclusive Design, in order to improve their competitiveness and increase customer numbers, sales and satisfaction.

We believe that by devising services, products and facilities which suit everybody – including the elderly, children and the disabled – everybody benefits. An implement which suits the weakest can be used by the strongest; service which delights the frail will equally delight the fit.

Businesses are encouraged to subscribe in order to excel. Excellent businesses are prone to thrive. A town with excellent, thriving businesses serving all of its people will be a better place to live.

Eastbourne’s population and visitors present a rich mixture of ages, activity, affluence and abilities which offer opportunities to business and contribute to our local economy. We want local businesses to lead in meeting the needs and grasping the opportunities presented by this market.


To help any business wishing to find ways of becoming more inclusive, we have researched and developed our own Inclusive Design Checklist