Stephen Lloyd launches our Community Toilet Scheme

Last Thursday EDA launched our new Community Toilet Scheme, with Stephen Lloyd himself cutting the imaginary red tape.

The toilet scheme works with local business to increase the number and locations of toilets accessible to the public, so that they may find facilities where they need and want them.

In attendance were local businesses and a number of project partners who have already signed up to the scheme including Premier Inn, the View Hotel and the Pavilion at the Redoubt.

John Trainor, CEO of Age Concern and Host, giving his welcoming speech.

Director of EDA, Tom Serpell, described how the scheme had been created to make visiting the town a more comfortable and relaxing experience for visitors who frequently need to use the bathroom, including elderly and disabled groups, along with those with small children.  He described the scheme as a “win, win situation for both the community and business organisations”, in that by making these facilities more available to all, more people would be willing to frequent more local businesses.

Local MP Stephen Lloyd, himself a long-standing supporter of Eastbourne Designed for All, formally launched the scheme stating that “it is profoundly significant”, and outlined why he thinks the toilet scheme is such a good idea for both businesses and the community in Eastbourne.  He followed this up with a promise to “do everything I possibly can do to make it work”, and encouraged more businesses to follow suit.

Stephen Lloyd talking about the Toilet scheme with passion and determination.

The Chief Executive of Age Concern John Trainor welcomed everybody to the event and outline why he joined the scheme. With over 800 people using Age Concern every week, John says he is pleased to be a part of EDA and the Toilet Scheme. He goes on to mention how many consumers (of all ages) do not know about the facilities at Age Concern and that this is a great way of opening up their doors and show casing what they have to offer.

At the launch we also witnessed the new website that goes along side the toilet scheme, it is GPS enabled and is suitable for all devices; mobile, tablet and laptops. Take a look and see where your nearest loo is…

Interactive Toilet Map:

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